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MAKE $29/mo X number of “Profitable Group Coaching” sales. Get your affiliate sign up link here.  If you have any questions or win/win JV ideas shoot me an email: ruth@JVattraction.com And if you would like to join this group and get your profitable coaching group up and running in the next couple weeks join us at Profitable Group Coaching!

The Ecstasy of surrender♡ I’m also one of the sponsors for mega 5+ time best seller Judith Orloff MD’s  April 1, 2014 The Ecstasy of Surrenderbest seller book launch. Want to help? If you want to participate in this or any of their other book launches visithasmarkservices.com/upcoming.htm
Dr. Judith MD has a special place in my heart as one of my first “celebrity” author interviews for Emotional Freedom in 2010.
Beverly Bergman,CopywritingForCoaches.com♡ On March 26
Beverly Bergman and I will be hosting a webinar called:
“Just Because Someone Wants To Work With You Does Not Mean They Are A Good Fit.”

“How to have the right people lining up to work with you! Attract your ideal clients and joint venture partners.”

This week was a true testament of what we’ll be teaching.

Beverly and I both help coaches, speakers, authors to clarify their message and work with ideal clients so they can save have more fun and make more money.  Once you get clear and confident on how to express what you offer, you will easily attract more of your ideal clients, have them see your value and pay you more money. You will save mental and emotional energy, avoid frustration by knowing if it’s a fit or not and have more confidence to say yes or no quickly, whether to a prospective client or a JV partner wanting to work with you. Learn more about Beverly at: CopywritingForCoaches.com. We’ll have the free webinar link up soon! (That’s one of my jobs in this joint venture.) ;-)


MAKE $29/mo X number of “Profitable Group Coaching” sales. Get your affiliate sign up link here. 
Ruth Anne Wood

Asking Potential Joint Venture Partners, “How can I help”
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