Q: Why did Ruth Anne Wood start JV ATTRACTION?
A: “I loved to Joint Venture with Authors, Speakers, Mentors and Coaches but was fed up with the “Pay to Play” “Insider Secret” model. So I created a JV community that is free to network, attract generous members and dream come true JV ATTRACTION sponsors!”

Q: Where can I get interview and media Information for Ruth and JV ATTRACTION?
A: Visit our PR page.

Q: What do I get when I opt-in to JV ATTRACTION?
A: You get a Free JV ATTRACTION Membership.

(For what some VIP programs charge thousands)

  • You get to network with members in our facebook group
  • You get to receive joint venture requests from published authors and coaches
  • You get access to hours of VIP podcast training/ interviews with leading authors and coaches
  • You get to make your own joint venture request in our weekly newsletter and site
  • You get free product review/ coaching on product creation in your first 90 days

Q: What’s the fastest way to benefit from JV ATTRACTION?
A: Learn all you can from our members and discover how you can help them.

Nothing builds a friendship faster than offering to introduce potential JV partners to people that could help them further their author, coach, entrepreneur mission or to offer to spread the word about products and services that your audience would love.

Take advantage of your JV ATTRACTION product review application FREE in your 1st 90 days on opting in. Get your application here. Just by filling it out you’ll get a better idea of what this community needs and how to promote you.product review reminder







Q: What is Quick Start JV ATTRACTION?
Step 1- Opt-in to get our weekly newsletter joint venture queries —>
Step 2- Read the Joint Venture queries and notice which ones match your target market/audience
Step 3- If they list affiliate info, get your affiliate tools
Step 4- Contact people who serve your niche market. Tell them you want to promote their product
Step 5- Offer to interview them or have them guest blog
Step 6- Find other joint venture requests that follows a theme and helps your audience
Step 7- Request your free “Get Your Product Reviewed & Profitable  Now” 30 minute free phone call  in your 1st 90 days of subscribing to our weekly newsletter and free membership and we’ll strategize how to quickly turn your posts and interviews into a profitable product your super affiliates/ joint venture partners are excited to promote for your first or next profitable product launch!

Q: What if my product isn’t finished yet?
A: Even if you haven’t created your product  you can get valuable  feedback on picking a profitable niche and some cools things to do to get feedback from your community and get paid before your product is done! (FYI that’s how some of the biggest information marketing product launches are going down these days!)

Q: How do I get my free product review in the first 90 days of opting into JV ATTRACTION?
Download your JV ATTRACTION product review applicationThese questions will get you thinkn’ like a profitable product creator and joint venture partner!

Q: Where can I read past issues of JV ATTRACTION newsletter?
A: You can read who posted requests for ideal joint venture partners, training articles on how to create products, market and approach dream joint venture partners here!

Q: I love what JV ATTRACTION is doing! How do I become a sponsor to your community of authors and coaches?
A: Get an overview on our SponsorshipPaid Coaching and Free Member Opportunities!

Q: What’s the business model for JV ATTRACTION?
A: JV ATTRACTION is modeled after HARO- HelpAReporter.com. People subscribe to HARO to offer their expertise to journalists pitching a story. With over three emails sent to subscribers a day depending on which list you are subscribed to their sponsors on the top of the emails get a lot of attention. With JV ATTRACTION free members who opt-ed in for the newsletter can read joint venture requests from people with products and services. Sponsors and affiliate products are featured among articles and expert interviews all designed to help to the professional author and coach build a business, income and professional  relationships.

Q: Where can I find the 90 second JV ATTRACTION introduction video?
A: Watch the 90 second intro video here.

Q: How is JV ATTRACTION is different?

  • Other author, mentor, coach and speaker joint venture communities start at 4 figures
  • These JV communities are by invitation only
  • You have to join a year long VIP mastermind before making profitable deals
  • There is usually an application process
  • It takes lots of time and money to travel to these JV events
  • You get to know about and prepare for upcoming member launches before they happen
  • You get to work with amazing JVs before going to their events or buying their products and services
  • Your name, blogs, emails, videos may appear in the same sentence and titles as these superstar JVs
  • You get to learn about successful JVs by doing them
  • You don’t have to waste months trying to reconnect with people after these marketing events
  • You get fresh tailor made offers emailed to you directly so you don’t have to waste time hunting on crowded websites
  • JV ATTRACTION screens posts and queries so the VIP JVs are protected from spam or unrelated offers 

Q: How do I make sure  I get JV ATTRACTION news letters, special networking events, VIP invites and the most recent relevant joint Venture requests?
A: Be sure to white list “jvattraction.com”. You can do this by emailing us a product review request or a thank you for our weekly newsletters each Wednesday. Here you get weekly interviews with people that know a thing or two about being a successful author and coach, how to build a community of raving fans and how to get joint venture partners to help!

Q: Where is is your Privacy Policy Page?
A: Right here!

Q: What are some possible joint venture requests?


  • Co-author a book
  • Help with a product launch
  • Do a best seller book campaign
  • Promote a live event
  • Sell a coaching program
  • Join or promote an expert tele-summit
  • Raise funds and awareness for a big social need in the community

Q: Where can I get free training from your top JV ATTRACTION partners and trainers?
A: Visit our growing podcast library of potential JV partners who already have exciting products and services that could always use more promotion. Read their profiles. Listen to their interviews. Check out their sites. Offer to interview and promote them and when you are ready to do your next big launch they will be your hot Joint Venture Partner Prospects!

Q: What are the basic steps for creating a Win?Win Joint Venture offer?
A: Read “10 Steps to Create a WIN/ WIN Joint Venture Training Program/ Product”

Q: What’s the best way to get the most out of JV ATTRACTION is to go out of your way to help others?
A: Ask, “How can I help you?” This more quickly connects you with ideal JV partners and the movers and shakers while helping to grow your community. You may find yourself connecting others that have different needs and niches than you. That’s how you make friends faster become more valuable!

Q: What’s the best way to connect with our top JV ATTRACTION potential joint venture partners?
A: Our top JV ATTRACTION earners get many joint venture requests a week so:

  1. Get to know their website and social media community
  2. Offer to market and grow their subscriber lists
  3. Help them make sales with products and services they are currently promoting
  4. Make your offer a unique and compelling idea that helps you and your JV partner to stand out
  5. Tie it in with a trending news, social media topic or big event. (That’s how we got the media’s attention.)
  6. Make sure your email and social media subscribers are interested in what your JV partner is offering
  7. Bend over backwards to make sure your JV partner feels that they are getting the better deal

Q: What’s Ruth Anne Wood’s story before creating and running JV ATTRACTION?
A: Since 2003 starting in a one bedroom apartment Ruth published her first co-authored ebook with 25 co-authors about how people discovered and were living their passion. With only a month in savings, Ruth just resigned after five years from her job bathing and shopping for a witty old lady that was on hospice and about to croak. To make matters more challenging this was the first time living on her own after ending an eight year relationship with her high school sweetheart and leaving the house they owned gutted and rebuilt from scratch. Now she was gutting and rebuilding her life. (Luckily this time it wasn’t a VA home with the leftovers of cats dogs and chickens living in the house.) When her job finally ended, (the daughters of the old lady didn’t want to see Ruth go) Ruth got an email from Marianne Williamson introducing her book Everyday Grace).

Doing a conversation with her mother Ruth got the idea to create her first co-authored ebook project Abundant Magical Lives: Insights For Passionate People. The idea was conceived in February 2003 and Ruth’s co-authored book launch was May 2, 2003. On May 9th Ruth got to share the ebook table of contents with Marianne Williamson during a fundraiser her spiritual community hosted with Marianne as the Keynote speaker. Oh and Ruth’s first time as an e publisher Ruth charge $50/ an essay. (That got her through the next month!)  Ruth found she liked helping people write their inspiring life stories whether it was for an essay, book or fairytale life that hadn’t happened yet.

Later Ruth went on to coach her clients on book writing and publishing. In 2004 while living on Wood street Ruth met her amazing husband Jason Wood on April Fool’s Day at a bar. He matched her 29/30 man “Meet My Life Partner” list. Jason gave Ruth the courage to help people write and publish books full time. Ruth got inspired by the 2009 Nobel Peace Winner to interview other peace makers in the community and it soon turned into an afternoon workshop and LiveYourPeace.com community of experts.

While Ruth had spoken at other marketing event In 2010 Ruth jumped at the opportunity to be a panel for Ken McArthur’s JV Alert events and has been invite back multiple times all over the country. Ken was the first internet marketer that made her feel truly at home with his message and the people he attracted. That’s where she could help startups on the hot seat and answer question along side 7 figure marketing and best selling superstars with her best publishing, marketing and joint venture strategies.

After doing her first TED style talk at the August 2013 Philadelphia, PA JV Alert, Ruth got inspired to create JV ATTRACTION after Milana Leshinsky’s talk on her joint venture community and Milana’s 28 Day launch formula. Just as Milana taught, Ruth began to test out her idea for her JV ATTRACTION community. The response was positive and in a couple days she had JVattraction.com site up and running and over a 100 members in her JV ATTRACTION facebook group, with more asking to join everyday. This was the perfect size to test ideas and create free content and opportunities to learn and network.

Q: Is this free joint venture community a waste of time? How engaged are the members?
A: Don’t let the low barrier of entry fool you.

JV ATTRACTION brings together top, highly respected experts and earners and hundreds hours of expert guests telling you exactly what they are promoting and who they want to attract. We also offer many opportunities to get free mentoring on product creation, marketing and joint venture advice.

Q: This great, but where can I get help starting and growing my business?
A: Glad you asked. JV ATTRACTION has partnered up with The Northwest School of Business, that has step by step training.

There are two things EVERY business owner wants. First, they want to generate more leads, attract more clients and make more money so they can eliminate any current financial distress they find themselves in. Second, they want to reach $1 million in annual revenue so they can begin to live the life they have always dreamed of having and so richly deserve.

The E-Learning Marketing System was specifically created to provide all small business owners with the tools, resources and support they need to accomplish both of these goals. Learn more.

Q: Who inspired JV ATTRACTION?
A: Special Thanks To: HelpAReporter.com, JVinnerCircle.com, JValert.com and RadioGuestList.com and our members.


Thanks for being a loyal JV ATTRACTION family member.

We appreciate hearing from you as we grow and evolve our services to assist you.

Let us know if you ever have any questions.



Ruth Anne Wood



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