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Mark PorteousRuth Anne Wood interviews Mark Porteous  for  JV ATTRACTION. Mark is the author of Maximizing Your Human Experience; A Personal Travel Guide for Your Journey of Life. In his book, Mark shares powerful tools to navigate your path toward self actualization and his personal understanding of manifestation to create the joyous life you truly desire. Fueled by his vision of humanity’s return to a state of oneness, a world where we all recognize our connection to each other and all that surrounds us. Mark is on a mission to accelerate the shift in social consciousness from “fear and separation” to “love and unity.” Mark is also the creator of Transformers Mastermind a program that helps to Integrate Heart, Head and Hands to Share Your Message and Quickly Build a Thriving Transformational Business.

Mark practices a two prong approach to achieve his mission, personal development and service to others. To help others employ his approach, he offers two training programs, Max Your Life personal empowerment training and the Transformers Mastermind for Visionary Leadership. Through his Transformers Mastermind for Visionary Leadership Training, Mark helps heart-based entrepreneurs share their gifts with a larger audience and create personal prosperity by designing a strategic success plan for monetizing their unique combination of experience, knowledge and passion. Mark recently hosted the Personal Transformation Summit where twenty of today’s leading luminaries and twenty emerging visionary leaders collaborated to share tools and information for global change through personal development.

After living in Central Florida for 23 years, Mark now lives in Ohio with his wife Renee and their twins Alexender and Eden. Mark and Renee work as a team operating their company, Max Your Life, LLC to empower visionaries to share their gifts with the world.

His program Transformers Mastermind “helps transform your business, so you can help transform the world”.

It especially helps visionary leaders including; (coaches, writers, speakers and healers) who are struggling to shift from surviving to thriving or professionals who wants to make the leap from a J.O.B., and are not sure how to use personal experience, talent and passion to make a great living.

The biggest challenge people face in the transformation industry is building an audience and enrolling ideal clients so you can thrive professionally.

Transformers Mastermind program is designed to help you build your business quickly so you can focus on sharing your gifts without the struggle for survival.

During this program you will:

– Crystallize Your Message and Build Your Brand
– Develop and Implement Efficient Systems to Grow Your Business
– Learn to Enroll Your Ideal Clients with Ease and Integrity

This Program Provides Everything You need:
Content, Clarity, Organization, Marketing & Sales Tools, Comprehensive Workbook, Exercises, Group Interaction & Support and 12 Live 90-minute Training Calls

What makes the Transformers Mastermind different than all the other programs, is that it’s more than a comprehensive three month training program, it is a hands on, interactive experience and a full network of support. Do you learn best by doing?

It’s one thing to hear all the theory out there, but putting it into practice and applying it is when the real growth happens. Mark Porteous is the creator of  Transformers Mastermind Live Program. It helps to Integrate Heart, Head and Hands to Share Your Message and Quickly Build a Thriving Transformational Business.

Transformers Mastermind helps to create a clear vision and plan for your business and your life and:

  • Identify and articulate a well defined niche for your work
  • Develop the backend structure needed to evolve your business
  • Design and refine your own effective workshop
  • Produce your own live workshop and teleconference or webinar
  • Substantially increase your platform (mailing list)
  • Build your own affiliate program to create passive income
  • Learn how to become an expert in your market
  • Structure a sales funnel system
  • Build substantial momentum to accelerate your professional growth

To discover more about Mark and his training visit Transformers Mastermind.


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