Are you using this gold mine of joint venture resources?

Some of you’ve been in this community near the beginning, September 2013. Are you using our resources to be profitable at Click all that apply on the facebook survey and use the following resources:

  • I became a free member at JV ATTRACTION.COM
  • I enjoyed some of the 150+ potential JV partner podcast interviews
  • I have made a joint venture request on the website and had it posted
  • I’ve read JV requests on the site and offered to help promote
  • I’ve posted valuable marketing/ joint venture training in this facebook group
  • I’ve recommended other authors and coaches to this ¬†JV ATTRACTION.COM¬†community
  • I’ve made suggestions to help improve my JV ATTRACTION resource ¬†IM or email Ruth
  • I’ve gotten a free product review in my 1st 90 days or lazar phone or IM session from Ruth
  • I’ve IM other members in the group after reading their compatable profiles
  • I understand other communities charge $1500+ just to have what’s here
  • I bring my questions and marketing projects to the JV ATTRACTION facebook community for valuable feedback.


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