Avoid These Pitfalls of a Professional Interview Book

Ronda Del Boccio, Write On PurposeRonda Del Boccio is one of our featured JV ATTRACTION experts (see podcasts.) Her recent offer to teach our authors and coaches how to make a professional interview book made me light up in so many ways including Ronda’s great tips on turning expert interviews into a real book and then offering to help this JV ATTRACTION community with the whole process done right, because there are a lot of credibility damaging ways you could slap together an author interview book. Be sure to check out Ronda’s short video and website resources. -Ruth Anne Wood, JV ATTRACTION

WriteOnPurpose.com/adventure Interview books can be really great or really awful. They can make everyone else look good or make you shine. It all depends how you write it.

This short class shows you
– pitfalls to avoid when writing an interview book
– how to establish YOU as the expert in an interview book.

There are lots of easy ways to write a book. Sharing interviews is just 1 of them. For more simple ways, download Instant Author Formula to your Kindle app or device WriteOnPurpose.com/instant

This book is a Kindle Countdown Deal starting at 99c Saturday, march 15 through Friday, March 21, 214.

For ongoing help with your book, become an Awakened Author Premium Member WriteOnPurpose.com/adventure
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