10 Ways To Weather Proof Your Income

After a long winter here in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, (Doylestown) Spring is lettuce, Doylestown Freshfinally here!!! What freedom it is to walk around without a jacket and just a long sleeve shirt. (I even started using a purse again instead of putting my keys and wallet in my giant coat pockets!) I met a couple of people this year who have recently moved into the area from warmer climates and boy did they get a shock participating in one of the snowiest, coldest winters we’ve had in 20 years. Even the regulars felt stir crazy at times. However it offered plenty of time to reflect, slow down a bit, count our blessings, set up online, home based businesses that keep going even on snow days and power outages.

Seriously, that last comment is directed to everyone in the JV ATTRACTION community that is sick and tired of income drops based on weather, clients cancelations, trouble getting to work, larger car or home repair due to the weather, and higher cold weather fuel expenses.

With that said, how do you go about weather proofing your income?

10 Ways To Get Started Today:

  1. Pick a group of people you are good at helping, (Scuba Divers who love learning about the best deals on gear and the best vacation destinations)
  2. Become an affiliate for products that help (other scuba divers)
  3. Set up a facebook page for (Scuba Enthusiasts)
  4. Set up to receive payments. I use paypal.
  5. Sign up for an affiliate account to (Scuba) products you can sell. (JVzooDigi ResultsClickbankJV ATTRACTION
  6. Set up you email list to get subscribers to learn about your (scuba) culture and solutions and offers and stay in touch with them once a week. I use Aweber.
  7. Continue to provide value and mon.ey, time, health tips
  8. Create a coaching group that guides your (scuba) audience every step of the way and offers your short cuts and community/class interaction
  9. Write and sell your (scuba) book on your expertise.
  10. Drive traffic to your (scuba) offers using:
  • Social Media- facebooktwitterpinterestLinkedInYoutube
  • Buying Ads- facebookBuySellAdsLinkedIn …
  • Affiliate launches: JV ATTRACTION
  • A round robin where other authors or product sellers feature yours. I’m doing one this week for GET OUT OF HOT WATER FAST. I need two more authors who want to be featured on my blog and want to feature my book on yours.
  • Searching for your (scuba) and blog and offer to pay the blogger 20-40 bucks for your product review article and a link to your offer. (First check out how much traffic they are getting at Alexa.

Knowing your audience and what they are eager to spend money on will make all the difference in creating a profitable affiliate community, weekly enewsletter, coaching group and advertising campaign.

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