Get Out Of Hot Water Fast

Use A Mind Body Spirit Integration System That Is More Powerful Than Affirmations and Combines The Focusing Power Of The News Media, Prayer and Goal Setting For Fast “Get Out Of Hot Water Fast” Results!

It Works Fast On Pending Relationship, Financial And Legal Problems

Ruth Anne Wood on American Hope Radio Network – Clients contact Ruth Anne Wood the founder of Scripting For Success for “Get Out Of Hot Water Fast” sessions when they find themselves in bogus or crazy; legal, financial or relationship trouble that needs fixing fast. Ruth is not a legal, financial expert or therapist. Instead she listens to client stories and helps them shift their mental and emotional focus and create new believable positive stories to transcend the pending doom on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. This has resulted in fast, quantum physics, the observer affects the outcome, sci-fi like; legal, financial and relationship miracles, also known as unexpected shifts of perception. Ruth has used these same techniques to travel the world, meet and marry her 30/30 man, overcome health issues and collaborate with superstar authors and coaches. Order your free review copy of her book —>>

What are the Top Three Issues You Address In Your “Get Out Of Hot Water Fast”Sessions?

Issue 1 People find themselves in bogus or crazy; legal, financial or relationship trouble that needs fixing fast.

Issue 2 People let fear, crazymakers and past mistakes control the situation rather than focusing on their best case senario or what they really want in the situation.

Issue 3 People make undesirable choices based on what they think is possible rather than what they truely want. Guest Name Page 2 Ruth Anne Wood

What are the Top Three Solutions You Address In Your “Get Out Of Hot Water Fast” book and sessions ?

Solution 1 How to effectively stop reacting to or be affected by the mentally, emotionally, physically and financially abusive, difficult or crazy people in your personal and professional life.

Solution 2 How to stop second guessing the positive new people and opportunities that come your way and quickly know if they are a match to your ideal life script or are a costly time, money or energy drain/ destraction.

Solution 3 How to become good at creating dream come true relationships, income, health and joyful, desirable experiences on your own with out a Get Out Of Hot Water Fast session.

Top Five Questions Asked

Question 1 During your first client conversation why do you help them use their imagination to come up with a best case scenario or fairytale ending to their pending financial, legal, media or relationship crisis?

Question 2 Share some examples of how you helped your clients in 90 minutes or less create happily-ever-after stories that shifted their mental and emotional state from fear to love- resulting in sci-fi like dream come true better than expected results as if the people and events in their life were following a movie script.

Question 3 How important is it that clients believe in the “Get Out Of Hot Water Fast” phone or skype session or group masterminds and why do you offer a 100% money back guarantee, (which by the way only one person has asked for a 50% refund in over a decade)?

Question 4 Is the goal of the “Get Out Of Hot Water Fast” sessions to fix the situation or does it have something to do with helping clients create miracles by shifting their mental and emotional focus from the things they fear to positive up lifting things that are already going well in their life? What if nothing is going well for them?

Question 5 Does the person causing you legal, financial or relationship stress have to go through the “Get Out Of Hot Water Fast” process for you to suddenly resolve the conflicts or receive growing benefits?

Question 6 Ruth, is it true you are generously offering my audience a free review copy of your soon to be released book at: They just have to pay shipping and handling costs?

Question 7 How would the tools and resources in “Get Out Of Hot Water Fast” make a big difference for go-getters who are already doing well in their finances and relationships, don’t have any legal challenges and want to improve their income, relationships and be more aware of great opportunities?

Client Results:

  • -Got dream JAG for less than current car payment before the second class
  • -Dissolved heartbreaking ongoing family inheritance drama in days by shifting focus -Saved thousands on legal fees when a bogus court case was thrown out with a one sentence statement
  • -Saved hundreds of dollars on a much-needed vacation
  • -A tax collector apologized for their accounting error during next day tax audit after a panicked client called about a suprise audit for their charity -Had a relative unexpectedly offer to pay for teen’s entire college education and a place to live for four years (worth $50K-$100K).
  • -Turned luck around and couple won a photo shoot and 42” flat screen TV -Attracted the clients needed to saved their business from closing that week
  • -Met their dream woman described in his Success Script less than 14 days
  • -Easily connected with their ideal high paying, easy to work with clients
  • Got an unexpected $10,000 raise as a school teacher and medical bills and babysitting paid for her daughter’s kidney treatment in a seemingly poor school district
  • -Turned from fear to laughter and strength in an abusive divorce and stopped being bullied out of her share of a multi-million dollar estate -Had customers late on bills suddenly make payment in full -At the final hour got a place to live for free for just a couple fun odd jobs -Got a flood of new business once we tallied $200,000+ of unpaid work from family and previous overtime salaried work -$100/ hour client unexpectedly pay therapist $8000 for 80 sessions in advance -Sat on an expert panel next to the very idol who inspired her success
  • -Quickly found dream house for excellent below market value price -Leaders in her industry began suddenly asking to work with her
  • -Got back together and lived abroad happily married with ex girlfriend “Danny won a 42 inch flat screen tv and I won a photo shoot for some portraits. Good week” -Debbie Dusylovitch,

During these “Get Out Of Hot Water Fast”” Sessions you are inviting a shift of perception, a.k.a miracles when you: -Harness the power of meditation and visualizing -Create specific measurable orders for Higher Power -Eliminate costly, painful distraction -Increase your ability to win prizes and contests -Have ideal conversations with loved ones -Clear blocks and resentments -Be open to greater income miracles -Organize the people currently in your life or you are soon to meet as ideal supporting roles as you step into your dream come true starring role in your life.”

Let’s go deeper

Get Out of Hot Water Fast

What Is The Process?

1. Pick a problem relationship, financial or legal you need solving and briefly discuss the situation

2. Think about if the past or the current circumstances was not an issue. What out come would you want?

3. Create a statement that reflects your best possible outcome for the situation.

4. Reread it anytime you want to feel good and remind yourself of your new choice.

Where do people get stuck in this process when they try to solve legal, relationship or financial problems alone?

1. People get very emotional describing the relationship, financial or legal problems and come from a place of fear, anger, being stuck, rage, hopelessness, depression, helplessness, pending doom and sadness.

2. People have trouble stepping out of the fear and the seriousness of the current legal, financial and/or relationship drama in their lives. They blame others and feel trapped on this path.

What is needed for the miracle is a shift from fear to love?

This comes about from stepping out of the current drama and coming from a place of playfulness, joy, excitement, delight, love, celebration and emotions one feels when the best case scenario is fully experienced. In this “Get Out Of Hot Water Fast” session people get to test drive and step into the experience of what it’s like to experience what they desire.


(At first people find it difficult and ridiculous to pretend everything is amazing or going to be fine when they are focused on regret for the past and fear of the future. Yet that is the first step to make the shift towards creating a financial, relationship or legal miracle.)

* ”A miracle is a shift from fear to love.”

3. Once people have the opportunity to get clear on their best case scenario and get in touch with their ideal feelings in that experience- it’s time to create a story or a news headline to help anchor in the ideal results in the person’s mind, body and spirit. This is a statement created that reflects the best possible outcome for the subject in the situation. The statement is designed to help you feel great and connect with these happily-ever-after emotions that are present when you get your dream come true results. The statement is not designed to fix the situation. It’s just designed for the subject to feel good when reading it.

Unlike affirmations that state: I AM… The Get Out Of Hot Water Fast statement is created in such a way that bypasses the ego mind that’s good at arguing, “That’s not me yet.” “ I Am not wealthy” “I am in financial and legal trouble”, “That’s impossible.” “I can never get those miracle results.” “Things are too messed up to fix.” “I’m doomed.” “I don’t have the money, energy, time or resources to fix that”, “My awful legal, financial and relationship fate is sealed.”

Why are best case scenario result statements written in news headline format and storu form?

We’ve been trained on a conscious and subconscious level that these statements are true and carry much authority in our mental, emotional and physical state of being.

Why are these positive emotionally charged statements written in third person, past tense in news format as if the events, conversations or desired result already happened?”

This helps by pass the inner critic when reading the statements and connect directly with the desired emotional state without actually coming out and saying “this story or result happened to me.” Yet the shift and belief is strong in that these results do exist in the world and suddenly the subconscious mind is able to use the story as a filter and help you only pay attention to the mental, emotional and physical elements of the story that is desired in the subject’s personal finances, relationships and legal affairs.

Why the “Get Out OF Hot Water Fast” process works.

In every moment there are over a trillion possibilities for your next future moment. This includes the everyday task of brushing your teeth. You might do it basically the same way each time, yet you don’t have to. It’s up too you to decide what feelings, thoughts, conversations to focus on in every given moment.

The new stories and news headlines you choose help you to focus your mind body and spirit on a new set of conversations, feelings, choices, opportunities that you had not considered in previous moments.

We loose our power when we react out of fear and base our decisions on our current unfortunate reality.

We gain our power when we use our imagination, gratitude, focused intentions on what we truly want.

How does this affect our finances, legal issues or relationships? Since we are not in charge of fixing any of those things all we can do is focus on the things in our life that are working and feel really good. From that we step out of the tug of war of trying to fix the old reality and sliding back into worry and fear.

Through the “Get Out Of Hot Water Process” our new what if playfulness is like the caterpillar inside the cocoon whose body turns from sold caterpillar to a jelly like substance with no definite form. During that time we get to choose to grow our wings or stay stuck in the caterpillar form bound by the gravity of the current situation. Or we can choose to emerge as the butterfly who can fly above it to a miraculous new reality.

Why does this shift from fear to love happen so quickly after much struggle on people’s own or with other helping professionals?

People weren’t invited to choose their intensions from a place of love just react from a place of fear and caution.

These old patterns of thinking, feeling, communicating with ourselves and others need a quantum shift of focus or old limiting beliefs continue to rule the situation.

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