How Jeff Primack Gets a Massive Flood of New Buyers to His Products and Live Events

Jeff Primack, Supreme Science Qigong CenterA HUGE Blessing it was studying with Jeff Primack these last four days in his qi activation program at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, (conveniently located to the delicious Reading Terminal Market for smoothies, greek food and just about any savory meal/ treat in Philadelphia). In addition to feeling more qi flowing through my fingers in one week than any other time of my 20+ years doing Shiatsu massage and studying Tai’ Chi. Jeff was an awesome marketing role model! It was the perfect place to be after launching JV ATTRACTION last month!

This week’s article “How to Get a Massive Flood of New Buyers for Your Products and Live Events” covers the highlights of The Supreme Science of Qigong marketing. And oh yes, I can feel those invisible rays of energy stronger than ever by getting Jeff’s big introduction to the science of qigong. It’s all about feeling that qi ball and moving it s-l-o-w-l-y around with your mind and fingers.

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Here’s what Jeff Primack did to get 250 paying attendees to his four day live event 

  1. 37 year old Jeff picked qigong, a topic he was passionate about since college.
  2. He understood the pain/need to get CEC Continuing Education Credits for a body worker/massage therapist and acupuncturist to stay licensed and has taught over 50,000 students his introductory program.
  3. He charged an introductory price of $127 to a content rich, training packed 4 day live event in major cities around the country and offered 32 credits, (more than the required 24 needed for Licensed Massage Therapists). Jeff’s training changed my life and I just went for the cheap CECs like so many others who were blown away!
  4. While many schools charged $300+ on a two day program he doubled the days of training and cut the price taking a loss to get 450 paid participants in the door September 14-17.
  5. He offered great overview of his best information on nutrition, qi going exercises, breath work, spiritual practices of generating money, kick butt fitness training…
  6. After each training module he provided a long break and invited us to visit the back table which was alway packed so we could buy his CD, book, next level training on the very material he just presented so we could go deeper on what he just taught!
  7. He offered all his products on the back table in one giant package for less $700 instead of paying double if we bought the products separately.
  8. Before the event Jeff’s company sent multiple personally addressed postcards.
  9. He positioned himself as the rock star, autographing his products and answering health/ exercise question during the break.
  10. He created levels of qi going training that provided the necessary qigoing instructor certification to teach at his events

BONUS: He had sponsors a.k.a. JV partners from the folks that did his music during qigong meditation instruction to the Enzyme company banner over his stage to many of his student instructors who could calmly up sell the masses on not one of Jeff’s DVD but the $650 bundle that covered the 4 introductory day training!

Review the list and consider what you can or are offering your clients/prospects that get them totally into your work!
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