10 Steps to Create a WIN/ WIN Joint Venture Training Program/ Product

JV ATTRACTION free author mentor speaker coach joint venture community with Willie Crawford summer heat giveawayJV ATTRACTION reviews products and training programs and recommends helpful ones to our members. Before you get stuck trying to come up with a great product/ service or joint venture offer for our audience of authors, speakers, mentors and coaches, apply for your FREE “Get Your Product Reviewed and Profitable Now” phone strategy session! (For a limited time contact Ruth now.)

We record our evaluations for you so you can make the necessary tweaks. Starting from scratch? Even better. We can tell you how to quickly create a coaching program that attracts ideal VIP coaching clients. In the meantime here are the steps we walk you through during your “Get Your Product Reviewed and Profitable Now” phone strategy session. Apply at: ruth@JVattractions.com

Follow these steps and stay focused on one step at a time
until you have a program that sells like gangbusters.

  1. Think about the biggest problem you helped others overcome.
  2. Pick one group of people that has that Major Goal or Problem.
  3. Get Clear on the Promise Your Program Will Hold (solve 1 major pain or achieve 1 major goal).
  4. Decide what you will offer folks to help them make the changes they seek. (Ex. Coaching, Done for you services, book, video series, live event, online community or combination of these.)
  5. Pick a name for your product that quickly helps prospects understand the problem/solution it offers.
  6. Make a profile of your ideal client. (Clue: Describe yourself before and after you fixed your big problem or got that result or describe your favorite client with an ideal before and after story.)
  7. Jot down how your program helps in the following areas: Relationships, Finances, Health, Career, Faith and Mindset, Health and Fitness.
  8. Survey you friends and clients to discover which title they would want to buy and sell your program BEFORE you create it and then create your program with a paying audience. (phone/webinar/webcast/live, in person)
  9. Create mouth watering, eye popping, heart pounding marketing material that speaks to the pain of your ideal client. Do this by start writing a friendly letter to an ideal client. Use the words your ideal client would use. Stay away from jargon or industry terms and focus on what they are talking about on chat groups, case studies and client testimonies. Need help? Go to your competitors’ Linkedin profile or client testimonial pages and check out the words they used to describe the problems they had, the solutions they wanted and the results got! Note how your current/past clients talk and use the words they use to describe the problem and the solution.
  10. Find JV Partners to help you grow your email list and sell loads more programs.

Bonus Step: Create Your Next Program.


Contact ruth@JVattractions.com for a “Get Your Joint Venture Product Reviewed and Profitable Now” Phone Strategy Session.



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