How Dr. Michael Craig’s Logical Soul Work Confronts Big Life Walls

Michael Craig, Logical Soul, The Money MatrixFrom reaching his recent charitable fund raising goals of riding 1000 miles on his unicycle in a year with a 100 mile ride on the weekend, to uncovering real transformations in confronting “The Wall” in our conscious and unconscious lives, Ruth Anne Wood of JV ATTRACTION and Live Your Peace interviews Dr. Michael Craig. Stories of following the path to temporary healing as a practitioner to seeking tools that offer lasting results for deep life and soul healing were the big topics of this conversation. Experience a powerful conversation with your inner child that has the power to let in new ideas that could expand your once limited pain and beliefs and hidden blocks around money, relationships and success. Listen to the end for this gem and then go deeper with Michael Craig’s Logical Soul resources!

Ruth Anne Wood interviews
Michael Craig


Kalibuwila Hospital, Near Colombo

Sri Lanka. It was a hot summer morning in this tropical south Asian country over twenty years ago that changed forever the way this doctor looked at the world . . . and how the methods revealed to Dr. Michael Craig would BLOW OPEN THE DOORS to our Inner Capacity to transform people’s Lives . . . Forever!

It Was a Normal Day at The Clinic…

Michael Craig was a 35-year old chiropractor enrolled as a working Intern at Medicina Alternativa for the study of Acupuncture and alternative medicines.  Dr. Anton Jayasuriya, a throacic surgeon, and international expert in the field of clinical acupuncture, homeopathy and complementary medicines was the head of the clinic, and taught us daily how to use alternative techniques  on real patients who thronged to the clinic.

Michael was wrapping up his morning routine when a woman approached Craig with her small son – a boy who looked to be around ten years old. The boy was crippled by rickets, a vitamin B deficiency that results in deformity of the legs and other symptoms. Not knowing what to do, but also not wanting to say no to his mother’s plea, Michael told the boy to lie down on the table and intuitively held a few points.  Strangely, the points heated up and started burning my fingers . . . but I was urged from a voice inside to keep holding, despite the struggles and cries from the boy!  He soon fell asleep, exhausted; I continued to hold the points.

Then a Miracle Happened!

Thirty minutes after beginning what turned out to be a very uncomfortable and intense session, the boy woke up, got off the table and walked away with straight legs and no limp! This sight was so unexpected Michael Craig quickly rationalized that maybe his legs were not so crooked before. The worshipful thanks from his mother, however, convinced me that this was no ordinary healing, although Michael was not able to repeat the process . . .

Dr Craig never forgot that incident, and came to appreciate why the ancient name for the island was Serendib, the root of the word Serendipity which was coined by an 18th century English writer and means “the faculty of making happy and unexpected discoveries by accident.”

Five Years Later

Serendipity entered Michael’s world again in a dramatic way back in the U. S. . . He was working with another patient and ran into subconsious resistance to my coaching.  Somehow, but asking the right questions intuitively, I found myself on the other side of what Michael calls the “Wall” that guards our exposure to change and percieved threats.

This deep, subconscious area – he found out – is also the bastion of “hidden decisions,” or source of inner power and creative intelligence.

By stumbling into – and through – this barrier, Dr Craig found he was suddenly also able to use this explosive power at will. He called this getting-beyond-the-barrier process “ACCESS” and the complete method The Logical Soul(R) process.   “Logical” was chosen because there is a conscious Intent going in to access and resolve a particular set of conflicting decisions.  The “Soul” part comes from Craig’s acknowledgment of this hidden intelligence that is both powerful and unique . . . like a separate being inside with its own agenda – or “prime directives” – that keep us from reaching our goals.

What This Means for You

Are you a coach . . . or want to be?  If so, do you actually transform people’s lives in each session? . . . Or merely hold them accountable if-or-when they do-or-don’t achieve their goals?

A coach  merely says to her clients “I’m only going to work as hard as you do…”  By repeating this common admonition, she is putting the onus on her client’s back to make the breakthrough themselves.  What I’ve found is that this coach – like most coaches – simply don’t have the right tools necessary to help their clients quickly BLAST THROUGH the barriers to their own perceived failure, self-sabotage and procrastination.  Unwittingly, she and other coaches actually do clients a disservice by not giving them the best possible solution for instant breakthroughs!!

What happened to Dr Craig in Sri Lanka that day was extraordinary, but certainly not unique. Quite simply, all miracles involve tapping into that infinite reservoir of energy and intelligence that we all possess, and anyone can do it! The SOUL knows exactly what you need and how to get there. Once you are truly aligned with this energy – and not just making a mood or affirmation about being aligned – nothing can stop you!

The Logical Soul(R) is all about getting Access your own powerful hidden intelligent being EFFORTLESSLY . . . without all the hype, mood-making, affirmations, goal-setting exercises, new age rituals, tapping, reframing, and endless series of workshops.

Become a coach that not only helps people achieve their goals . . . but provides the DAILY MIRACLES needed to blast them to the top!!

If you are NOT a coach, and simply want to transform your OWN life, that’s great!  But Michael Craig must warn you . . . by becoming that shining example yourself you will automatially affect the lives of others in a powerful way!

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