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Evolution of a Profitable Workshop – Conception To Sales In 24 Hours

Struggling to create your own product or service?How To Create A Workshop Fast

Can you really create a product from scratch after people have paid for it?


(That’s how the big launch guys do it!)

On Sunday I created one out of thin air after people paid me for it.

Basically I had my big ah ha for a talk and workshop for my Sunday early afternoon 1pm talk at the last minute. What I was going to talk about came to me 7:30pm Saturday the previous night. I had all month to prepare and thought I’d just wing it with general Q & A about Scripting for Success and coaching. I love demo presentations way better than memorizing talks.

Then this strong message came to mind while surfing the net…

According to the Course of Miracle, (My mom’s book I hadn’t picked up in over 15 years), “A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love”.

This couldn’t have come at a better time for me since I was feeling nervous about the upcoming interviews I was doing with Ryan Lee, Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha. (Not the 151st or so guest interview with Dr. Michael Craig a friend of mine featured this week on LiveYourPeace.com and JVatttraction.com. I love interviewing people!) I was nervous about me being in the spotlight where I get a few minutes to share my passion, talents and gifts and helpful resources. I know I’ve spoken on panels and given TED style talks but sometimes we get ourselves all worked up when we put certain shows and hosts on a pedestal. I’m discovering pedestals are for gardens and foyees not people.

So by midnight I had an outline of my talk, my Scripting for Success Circle Map exercise handouts to help people get clear on their ideal lifestyle and the support, love and joy they already had in their lives. And as an after thought I created an offer for a workshop right below my Circle Map handout.

The idea came to me to make it a 7 week class for the 7 chakras on Mondays. When I checked the calendar that brought us to December 23rd! Cool! I thought, right in the middle of the winter holidays. I printed out 19 copies; the perfect amount because of the people who unexpectedly showed up with friends others couldn’t come the last minute. ;-)

The hostess marveled at the record number of people who came to her home for my talk. I attributed it to the holiday potluck gathering, but she said I must be doing my manifesting work (That I wrote about in “Transform Debt Into Abundance”). Deb is a perceptive gal.

The next day after giving lots of great group discussion time, Scripting for Success exercises including the Circle map and Delegating To Your CEO  (get your handouts here), (One 10 minute exercise I shared my VIP coaching clients have used to save their business, get unexpected income needed to keep their doors open by the end of the week, have bogus costly court cases and tax audit go away, big surprise income increase, getting in touch with dream come true contacts and other challenges they couldn’t do without their Higher Power/CEO’s help/and a shift in focus to best case scenario results.) I know this is kind of woo woo stuff. But think of my process as a way to filter out distractions and pay attention to your ideal opportunities all around you! Then I made my MONDAY MIRACLE class a steal. I knew these amazing group of friends needed my help and I was going to see them again in the new year so I offered them “A deal they couldn’t refuse” that included a 100% Money Back Guarantee… something most coaches don’t offer but the rich ones do in various ways.

So that was it. Then I cashed the checks at the ATM and went home and set up my webpage restating the offer on my handout. I created a private link for my Monday class and a couple worksheets and ebooks explaining my 6 Step “Jump Start Your Remarkable Legacy” process and a PDF of the 7 chakra meditation that inspired the workshop. You can get all that just by checking out my group invitation/registration page. Hope it is generating some good ideas for your next “Get It Done” coaching program! I was feeling so jazzed on Sunday night I even recorded an audio of me leading the meditation again and sent the registration page and free resources to the group I had just gifted my free two hour workshop.

Then I went a step further and did a facebook ad to the sales page that expired an hour before my 8pm Monday evening MIRACLE MONDAY workshop. I got about 40 clicks for less than $3 which got the attention of people in the Oprah, Hayhouse, Wayne Dyer… communities.

Oh I almost forgot, if they signed up at the free Sunday afternoon workshop at my friend’s house I offered an even better deal when they registered with a friend. I must of looked silly because at the end of my workshop just before the seven chakra mediation I asked people to close their eyes and secretly raise their hand if they were interested in taking my spur of the moment MONDAY MIRACLE class. Good news, I had a 25% conversion rate for a workshop I hadn’t even created yet!

Over delicious potluck snacks where I chatted with people who didn’t raise their hands I found out some of the audience thought they had to drive an hour from New Jersey to my home in Pennsylvania. I overcame more objects by telling these nice people the class was online and over the phone.

Other people told me they couldn’t make certain calls because of the holidays and work and driving Mom to the airport.

That’s when I told them the calls would be recorded and the class resources would be available online. That really helped them get off the fence and join the group!

Listen for objections to people wanting to work with you and let them know how they can get all their needs met. Then be sure to add it to your coaching invitation letter or sales page! I’m sure you notice that on mine. :-)

The good news is the resource page, conference call, private facebook page, was all set up a few hours before our MONDAY MIRACLE 8pm class! (Below I’ll show you how to set all this up or get additional help for free in the below recap.) There’s nothing like having a deadline, one of my best tricks for getting things done. (And procrastination was one of our topics of discussion during my free workshop. One of my new coaching clients in the class suggested instead of making a complete something off your to-do list, put a “spend 30 minutes on X” instead! I love this idea. So to schedule time to do tasks that you don’t like to do, like pay bills or sort mail schedule for 30 minutes. There was so much enthusiasm, intimate sharing about financial and career goals and the anticipated roadblocks and fears MONDAY MIRACLE  participants had. From there I knew exactly what assignments to give them for the week to expand their container and open up their capacity to receive more, something Dr. Michael Craig and I talked about during his transformational interview the same week!

I also assigned check-in buddies to the MONDAY MIRACLE class and invited them to call, IM or email during each other during the week. I did this to offer that added commitment and support and insure against my 100% money back guarantee. After all, we coaches know our stuff works when our participants do it!


So coaches, that’s the steps I use to generate income fast.

  • 1) Get inspired with a coaching theme or problem/solution – mine was MIRACLE MONDAYS based on the seven main energy centers and how to use them to more profitably connect with others.
  • 2) Give a great free or low cost presentation in person, in a PDF ebook, webinar, google hangout on something you know your audience would like. – I did a presentation filled with my best coaching, testimonies and resources at a monthly meetup group I attend. (Some savvy coaches create meetup groups to build an audience and network of clients, prospects and colleagues.)
  • educational workshops3)   Make an offer that ties into your presentation. – Mine was 7 weeks of coaching to go with the Seven Chakra meditation we had just done.
  • 4)   Make sure they have a price incentive if they sign up the day of your presentation and an even better deal if they register with a friend.
  • 5)   Make sure you bring extra pens and clip boards to make it easier for your live audience to write you a check or fill out their credit card or PayPal information.
  • 6)   Set up online resources to invite more people to join your coaching group such as a facebook event page or private facebook group like this one.
  • 7)   With a couple weeks notice ask for promotional partners at JV ATTRACTION. (You don’t actually want to sell to these free members of mostly authors and coaches.) Use our resources to make friends with other authors and coaches selling in the same niche market such as self-help, spiritual, marketing, business tools… Visit JV ATTRACTION for more cool ideas and resources.
  • 8)   Create a sales page and link it to PayPal. Login and click on “Merchant Services”. Then create a payment button. I like “Add to Cart” better than “Buy Now”. (Go to “customize button” and add a link to your private group resource page that they get after the purchase is made, so you don’t have to manually check your email and send them the link, especially if your class is hours away.) If you want to hide this page and don’t have product like Wishlist just keep your wordpress blog post a draft and post that direct link to you PayPal payment button.
  • 9) If you’re serious about promoting this coaching group you created or your other original or affiliate products it’s smart to have your own blog. Set one up a word press or blogger. Mine is JVattraction.com. What is yours? What do you want yours to be? Free members get your site posted when you have a JVattraction.com link on your site. I’m also an affiliate at GoDaddy.com that provides hosting for your blog and domain names.
  • 10) If you don’t have a blog or website, don’t sweat it. You can send people to your facebook page, article site or other free community that’s accessible without a login. Then after you get your GoDaddy.com domain name follow the steps to park it on your event site page until you have a more permanent blog site.
  • 11) Make sure you have an opt-in form on your blog or website such as the one I use. I am an affiliate of Aweber whose Chalfont, PA office is one town over from mine and they are so nice in person and on the phone. If you are going to sign up to any of my affiliate links clear your cookies or search history in your browser if you want me to get the commissions. ;-) Thanks.
  • 12) Upload handouts such as the mediation I didn’t have at the free event and send them to the general group who attended your free presentation as a thank you for coming.
  • 13) Add another free bonus as a thank you for them attending the free workshop that’s in an opt-in form on your sales page
  • 14) With a little advance notice promote your coaching group of facebook paid advertising, craigslist events or lessons and any other social media groups you belong.
  • 15) Record all your calls and resources as you create your coaching group on the fly based on your audience feedback. Audio Acrobat is another affiliate site I’ve used for years to record my JVattraction.com and LiveYourPeace.com interviews.


  • 16)    Use software like Wishlist to protect your content for your products and coaching resources. I think this will get you started. Email me if you have any questions making mo.ney this week setting up your first or next coaching program.
  • 17) If you need help setting up your profitable coaching program schedule a complimentary 30 minute “Jump Start Your Remarkable Legacy Now! phone strategy session and by the end of the call you’ll get a clear idea of your profitable coaching program, the least amount of technology to start getting paid now and how to be of service to your ideal community of prospects and clients!

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