Patricia Gallagher Loves The Community In Epic Ways

Patricia Gallagher, The Flower LadyRuth Anne Wood interviews a two time Oprah guest, make that three time Oprah guest, if you count the time that a show re-ran – and the author of her family’s memoir “No More Secrets – A Family Speaks about Depression, Anxiety and Attempted Suicide”, Trish Gallagher tells her personal family story. At the time, Trisha prayed asking God to “Please send someone to help.” Her family adversity eventually turned into the Team of Angels family business that has helped tens of thousands who needed a token of comfort. Trisha describes how she began writing hundreds of poems related to her need for celestial assistance. Initially, she designed a Team of Angels pin and then contacted a manufacturer. The Team of Angels pin was attached to an inspirational card bearing her poem. Now, years later, she has distributed more than 100,000 Team of Angels pins to people in need of hope all over the world. Thus, founding the Send a Team of Angels to help movement.

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