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Drum roll please…Ryan Lee

November 12th at 12pm

I’ve been invited to be one of Ryan Lee’s new I Built It Foundation community experts!


It’s designed to teach profitable internet marketing to kids at the alternative high school he taught Phys Ed 12 years ago at the toughest part of the South Bronx called “Hunts Point”. Even though Ryan’s job was a Health/Physical Education teacher, he was able to create his own courses and curriculum. And because he had already had some success building his own part-time businesses, he discussed “entrepreneurship” in a few of the classes and the kid ate it up. Hungry to give back, in a minute I’ll tell you how you can get Ryan’s top notch training pennies on the dollar, I would know ;-) including some of my best tips to help his new I Built It Foundation. Be a part of it.

I’ll get a 7 minute conversation with Ryan Lee, a guy with an internet marketing community of 200K subscribers and is one most ethical, over delivering, content providers and humble mentors I know.

I hope to talk about WHY to:

  1. Launch your own community in a couple days centered around a topic that gets your community and the media excited and involved with comments, promotion, expert guests, product creation and crowd funding
  2. Associate your product launch or fund raising project around a calendar event, media buzz or piggybacking on a someone else’s bigger upcoming venue or company event
  3. Build on your or someone else’s success and repurpose content, contacts and customers
  4. Tie your project in with charity or a way of giving back to the community
  5. Staying healthy during the product creation and launch with regular walks, stretches, mostly fruits, veggies and non processed foods
  6. Set really big, clear targets of your ideal business and community building outcomes including the deadline or product release date, party or open house.
  7. Wonderful talent and support may be in your own backyard! Make a wish list of who you want to be associated with your product and service. If it’s someone you don’t know personally copy their picture off the internet or magazine and put your picture in the same speaker line up list, article or future press release as you take time to write about the exciting possibilities working with that person, group or organization.


  • JV ATTRACTION - was started because I was tired of the thousand of dollars pay the play model the millionaire gurus were charging to network with other authors and coaches so I started right after presenting a TED style talk at Ken Mc Arthur’s Philadelphia JV Alert event.  In a couple days in late August 2013 I had my wordpress website up, my first blog entry, an interactive facebook community with my first wave of 100 members and best selling authors and coaches posting their joint venture requests. This community built on four years of the 100+ author, coach expert interviews at…
  • Live Your Peace  - The live event and later interview series turned into a community featuring 150+ authors and coaches. It started October 2009 (when I first discovered Ryan Lee and took his $1 month trial Continuity Summit training). I was annoyed by all the negative press around the president’s Nobel Peace Award nomination as I dreamed of winning an Academy Award for Best Playwright and at the same time doubted my own future after having my screenplay ready for the big screen.  Within a week I had invited people to a mock Nobel Peace Award ceremony at my interfaith community, hired an Emmy Award winning film maker in his 80s who had just moved from Hollywood to my spiritual community and I hired him to document the event. With a little media and help from my PR goddess friend we became profitable the first week we announced the filming with over $1200 raised for four hours of filming, editing and rent. My goal was to make a six minute trailer within two weeks by the time Barack Obama gave his Acceptance Speech on December 10, 2009. (A two time Oprah guest, JFK award winning journalist, A former Peace Corp Member, Director of The Peace Center who works with Gandhi’s grandson and award winning musicians were of the 16 cast members who paid to participate.)
  • The Table – A Comedy About Massage - I was annoyed by yet another misinformed therapeutic massage prospect cryan lee i build it foundationalling me about massages that weren’t on my menu of services so my husband Jason dared me to write a comedy and perform it at the upcoming Philly Fringe Festival. The Philadelphia Live Arts Festival in Pennsylvania gave me a formula to write a proposal, schedule marketing and local press releases. I created an outline of the funny scenes from being a massage practitioner since 1999 from the supportive husband, to the old lady on the table to a composite of weird massage clients and many  funny things we did to market and get clients. The volunteers were massage practitioners and clients who I coached to talk about certain topics from a certain point of view, creating their characters on the spot until it was funny and entertaining and then I wrote it in the director’s script. Then we did a joint venture with a massage school right in center city Philadelphia and advertised in the festival guide with over 100,000 show goers. We did 15 shows in three weekends. My actors/crew nearly killed me (since most community theater only does three shows). And we tied a portion of the proceeds to a charity that offered wellness services to low income Camden New Jersey residents.
  • Abundant Magical Lives; Insights For Passionate People was my first publishing gig in 2003. I had just resigned from my last job taking care of an old lady who was about to die. I got an email announcing Marianne Williamson’s latest self help book and I told my Mom, this best selling author had written the intro to my book I hadn’t written yet. That’s when Mom encouraged me to write my own book and get others to help me. 22/25 people paid me to publish their story on  the work they were most passionate about doing and that’s what eventually lead me to having coaching clients pay thousands to coach them on writing, marketing and publishing books and speaking at event. And now my Abundant Magical Life grows by helping problem solvers create coaching programs that automates the solutions they help their ideal clients solve


Ryan has a very responsive list that helped him reach his fund raising goal in less than 2 hours. It’s still open and you can get tens of thousands of dollars in products for a donation


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