Get Out Of Hot Water Fast

 Use A Mind Body Spirit Integration System That Is More Powerful Than Affirmations and Combines The Focusing Power Of The News Media, Prayer and Goal Setting For Fast “Get Out Of Hot Water Fast” Results! It Works Fast On Pending Relationship, Financial And Legal Problems — Ruth Anne Wood on American Hope Radio Network – […]

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George Throop Coast To Coast Walker

 Congratulations are in order for   George Throop who was our couch surfer for one night. He FINALLY reached the Atlantic Ocean, Coney Island on foot today, in just over 10 K after starting on the west coast, Vancouver, Washington! He’s started and stopped this journey since 2009. My husband Jason got to walk ten miles on […]

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Expert and JV Partner Show Case

 Is this your month to finally create a $97/month Profitable Coaching Group that is easy and cheap to run?  The people that are signing up for Profitable Coaching Group are discovering it is! While my members can launch a basic Profitable Coaching Group in 30 days or less following my 48 hours –> conception to first […]

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10 Ways To Mac Gyver Your Business

  It’s the first day with our power out all day and now we’re staying with some good friends just around the corner. With all these snow and ice storms in Pennsylvania I’ve gotten reintroduced to my new favorite freedom fighter Mac Gyver. I think I’ve only watched a couple episodes over 20 years ago until this […]

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JV ATTRACTION facebook group changes!


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What Authors and Coaches Want

  The Survey results are in! I’m about to create a LOT more free training for you. My JV ATTRACTION community gave a little advice on how to make them happy with profitable training for authors and coaches. Make sure you’ve subscribed –> to get the free training! Here are the results of the: Authors/Coaches […]

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I need your help (30 seconds)

  Will you answer these four multiple choice questions for me here? …Takes like 30 seconds (literally). We’re attracting lots of new JV ATTRACTION members during Matt Bacak’s Mass JV Give Away 2014 I’m just trying to find out what kinds of videos, to make for you in my new office. (We had to make room for my childhood piano and […]

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12 Magical Steps To Make Resolutions Come True with Michael Craig

 As I go through Dr. Michael Craig’s 12 step manifestation process I am struck by the insights. Plant powerful seeds in 2014 by gifting yourself some time to do this 1st part of this introspective gem. -Ruth Anne Wood 12 Magical Steps To Make Resolutions Come True: Part One First of a two-part article by Michael Craig […]

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Soul Enriching Lifestyle Strategist Inez Bracy

 Ruth Anne Wood interviews Founder of and CEO of Inez Bracy International, LLC . Inez Bracy, Lifestyle Strategist helps clients create new habits that promote overall well-being, a sense of freedom, confidence, earn more money and peace of mind. Ruth Anne Wood interviews Inez Bracy Growing up as a sharecropper’s daughter, Inez wondered “is this all there […]

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7 Gifts

  Here are seven gifts to thank you for being in my heart, community and life!   Gift 1: My love and gratitude. Thank you for your wonderful writing, marketing, publishing, coaching and joint venture business. Thank you for sharing your beautiful insights, suggestions, guest interviews, blog posts and online discussions in the JV ATTRACTION and Live […]

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