7 Gifts

Here are seven gifts to thank you for being in my heart, community and life!

Gift 1: My love and gratitude. Thank you for your wonderful writing, marketing, publishing, coaching and joint venture business. Thank you for sharing your beautiful insights, suggestions, guest interviews, blog posts and online discussions in the JV ATTRACTION and Live Your Peace community!

Gift 2: Wonderful new queries to possibly partner with you either on their upcoming launch or a unique win/win projects for both of you. Read these latest joint venture requests . And you don’t have to fly across the country, pay thousands of VIP membership fees or stay in a hotel away from your family during the holidays. YOU’RE WELCOME!

Gift 3: A free healing session with the awe inspiring DR. & MASTER ZHI GANG SHA. Listen to the interview to receive improvements in your relationships, career, health and finances through energy transmissions.

Gift 4: A detailed walk through the  “7 Steps to Transform Debt Into Abundance: Through Forgiveness Mental Tithing And Meditation”. Thanks to Michael Craig’s insightful interview on  Logical Soul

Gift 5: The opportunity to a featured sponsor and supporter of the JV ATTRACTION community.

Gift 6: 30 minutes of my undivided attention to help you with the planning stages or share technical insights in creating your product, your own coaching program or discuss a joint venture that’s right for the authors and coaches in JV ATTRACTION. Just email me at ruth@JVattraction.com

Gift 7: Not one but three short ebooks for authors and coaches. Write a review for the ones that resonate with you and I’ll include your endorsement, name, company and URL at the beginning of the ebook. Write a recommendation for the quick read ebooks here:

Blessings and Success!!!



Ruth Anne Wood

Asking Potential Joint Venture Partners, “How can I help?”
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