JV ATTRACTION is Being Created by Authors Speakers Mentors and Coaches


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My name is Ruth Anne Wood, I loved to Joint Venture with Authors, Speakers, Mentors and Coaches but was fed up with the “Pay to Play” “Insider Secret” model. So I created a JV community that is free to network, attract generous members and dream come true JV ATTRACTION sponsors!

“Top 5 Inspirations and Kick In The Pants for Launching JV ATTRACTION”

  1. Ken McArthur having me back as a panelist and speaker at JV Alert Philadelphia August 2013. I spoke on stage during my 10 minute TED style talk about this and now I had to do it!
  2. HARO – Help A Reporter Out gave me my start with my first media query that kicked off my LiveYourPeace.com interview series in 2009 and more recently on going media opportunities and free publicity by RadioGuestList.com that queries guests for radio interviews, talk show experts, other publicity and podcasts.
  3. Watching Milana Leshinsky and Rich German use a 28 day Product Launch to introduce JV Insider Circle and follow it close up at JV Alert Philadelphia August 2013.
  4. Deciding I could combine the best of my favorite media and JV sites.
  5. Immersion Technology President a.k.a. my hubby Jason Wood gifting me the set up of jvAttraction.com after I bought the domain name, designed a logo and created most of the pages.

Now it’s your turn. Are you an author, mentor, coach and speaker that has a product or service you want some joint ventures to help you promote or co-create? Share your JV criteria here.

Do you want to make friends with the movers and shakers in your industry and build your community by doing a joint venture with them? I though so! This is your JV community. Get involved. Make a difference. Help others. Meet amazing new friends, position yourself as a JV expert by guest blogging for JV ATTRACTION.

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