Thank you for your Joint Venture request!

To get the most out of this community…

  1. Read other joint venture requests posted at JV attraction
  2. Notice who is in your niche and connect with them to discover how you may work together in a promotion
  3. Consider what up-sells, down-sells, give aways or bonus offers you can offer each other’s community to meet you promotional goals
  4. Consider what experience these  potential JV ATTRACTION have with other launches and promotions.
  5. Make friends quickly by offering to promote them (if it’s a good fit for your audience) including: A product review, amazon review, youtube video review, blog review, social media tweet. an interview.
  6. Discover how you can do the same kind of promotions for each other to grow your influence and sales!
  7. Consider what complimentary product you can offer as a high value opt-in, product give away, bonus is buyers use your affiliate link for purchases
  8. Maybe you see JV ATTRACTION members are offering a book with low commissions. Discover how working together could turn into an even more profitable conversation via a co-authored coaching group or home study program.
  9. Fall in love with the quality of a potential joint venture partner’s mission and message and then brainstorm together through a win/win strategy or brainstorm session
  10. Reach out to them via email , facebook group, their website and introduce them as JV ATTRACTION member on a mission to be of service first to other members to grow your influence and profits much quicker.
  11. Listen to over 150 interviews from authors, coaches and other mission driven entrepreneurs!
  12. Schedule a free “Get Your Product Reviewed Now” 30 minute; phone, skype or facebook instant message product review session where we share our our best stuff on how to monetize the relationships in this community and excel at product launches and business growth! Email
  13. Consider being a site sponsor and have your offer sent out to a growing group of savvy, permission based subscribers, hungry for our latest Wednesday weekly newsletter fun of current Joint Venture requests, product launch information, mindset and marketing systems and tips that Ruth’s private clients have paid thousands of dollar to receive.
  14. Tell other authors and coaches ready to connect and create profitable products and coaching programs about JV ATTRACTION on your blog, social media, guest blogs and interviews featuring Ruth Anne Wood. (These will be featured in our next newsletters, which is free promotion for you!)
  15. Love yourself. Where ever you are in the product creation and promotion process is fine. We love open discussion on how to help each other in the JV ATTRACTION family and do here what some gurus charge $10K+ for private closed communities
  16. Stay tuned to live events that quantum leap the marketing/ joint venture event experience with products to have you up and running before the live event so you can have the opportunity to be featured and get promotional support like no other four figure event on the planet!


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