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Jon Satin & Chris PattayRuth Anne Wood is a guest onRuth Anne Wood head shot

The Forgiveness Project
with Chris and Jon

October 8, 2013 

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 Read what happened while I was writing this post! Maybe I was feeling in sync planning my husband Jason’s birthday dinner or after watching Brendon Burchard on Lary King Live and imagining my interview going just as well. ;-)

One of the inspirations for JV ATTRACTION was interviewing over 120 amazing authors, speakers and coaches since 2009 on Live Your Peace interview series. Once I got on a roll and interviewed my first best selling author during her 4th Amazon best seller book campaign (thanks to Edie Weinstein for the lead) for my product giveaway it opened the floodgates of interviewing other awe inspiring guests. Soon I was sitting on Ken McArthur’s JV Alert panels on stage with top internet marketers. There was one superstar marketer in particular that had been on my red hot speaker event list. Yes, I had inserted my name, photo and speaking points into my imagined event with him and his JV partners in it. Less than a year later there I was the last person to sit in a chair on stage in the only empty seat after lunch next to Mike Koenings of Traffic Geyser (who was on top of the VIP speaker line up that I had “joined” virtually!) Little did I know Mike’s fortune started on a napkin at Ken McArthur’s JV Alert when he met his multi-million dollar joint venture partner. I quickly laughed and thanked the Universe for it’s slap stick comedy. On the panel I energetically shared my publishing and community building expertise while winners of the Hot Seats got superstar marketing and business tips and strategies on their latest product! I’ve since been on Ken’s panel at his east and west coast events and I still treasure that first time, (as many speakers at Ken’s events seem to do)!

Without thinking too much about, “How can my guests promote me?” I and my fully engaged audience have easily received $100K+ in tips, strategies, mindset, stories. You can get the same VIP treatment by visiting our Podcasts. I love how these coaches, mentors, 7 figure business owners and community leaders went from struggling to turning their life around and being leaders in their industry!  I’m most interested in how they serve the community with passion and mission like this week’s interview guest Russ Hovendick, and how they have gotten to the place of influencing many to millions of  readers, listeners, event participants and private clients! That’s why it’s icing on the cake when some of my guest, clients and friends in this community turn around and say. “Ruth, we love your work, we’d love to share you with our audience!” That of course can be music to a professional’s ears. This is the case on October 8, 2013 where I get to join The Forgiveness Project Team as Chris and Jon’s guest. By the way here is The Possibility Coaches, Chris and Jon’s compelling interview on stepping into their life’s work. As a thank you for being on their show I will be sharing my “7 Steps To Transform Debt Into Abundance: Through Forgiveness Mental Tithing and Meditation. Be sure to register for this call ASP!

PS HERE’S THE “MIRACLE” As I write this Vivian Glyck, (the guy in my slap stick with the Universe, Mike Koenings wife just requested to add me to her LinkedIn network. I’ve been eager to interview her about her organization in Africa called “Just Like My Child”.) LOL! By the way theses things happen even more often when when you go through the forgiveness process I’ll be sharing on October 8, 2013. Register for The Forgiveness Project Now!

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